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Learn More about AR and VR in Education from inside Virtual Reality

In June 2017 Steve made history by becoming the first teacher to deliver an educational professional development session inside virtual reality. The event was a huge success and the #CPDinVR events have become a regular fixture since then. Educators from more than 25 countries have attended #CPDinVR events.

All #CPDinVR events are free to attend and take place inside the Engage platform from Immersive VR Education. Engage is a free download and runs on the Rift, Vive, WMR, Index and now even on Quest. It can also be run directly on a PC in a desktop mode.​

A selection of recordings from previous events can be accessed below.

Previous Speakers Include:

Alvin Wang Graylin

HTC Vive

David Whelan


Paola Paulino

VRAR Association

Chad Lewis

Tampa Prep School

Sam Watts


Nina Salomons

VR Focus

Alex Johnson

ASB, India

Steven Sato

The VR Podcast

Chris Long


Mike Arnstrong


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Charlie Fink


Dinah Lammiman


Bobby Carlton

VR Scout

Nina Salomons

VR Focus

Alex Johnson

ASB, India

Chris Madsen


Herve Fontaine

HTC Vive

Ronan McNicholl

Sevenoaks Prep

James McCrary

The VR Podcast

David Romero

HTC Vive

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Jaime Donnally


Dominic Eskofier


Caitlin Krause


Sean Gilroy

BBC Cape

Martin Bukacek


Mercedes Bent

Ben Toppin

Alex Chaucer

The VR Podcast

Rupert Rawnsley


Bob Fine

Cool Blue Media

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#CPDinVR events take place each month and fill up fast. To get advance notification of future sessions, subscribe to the site by clicking the button below:

To download the free Engage application from Immersive VR Education, please click on the logo below Please note that Engage does not currently support Mac; users without a Vive or Rift headset can use a PC to take part in the #CPDinVR sessions.

To access the latest version of Engage you need to set up a free Engage account. This can be done in-app or by visiting this link .


Immersive have also produced an excellent set of tutorial clips to help first-time users of Engage. These can be found here  and the four key ones for #CPDinVR attendees can be found below:

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