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The World VR Day #CPDinVR event

For the second year running, Bob Fine invited me to be part of the proceedings for the World VR Day event this November. Whereas last year I hosted a chunk of the 24hrs in VR stream in AltSpace, this year I wanted to try something more ambitious...

So with the help of my regular partners in crime Chris Madsen and Mike Armstrong, we set upon the idea of not only hosting an extended #CPDinVR event inside Engage but also for the first time ever, livestreaming it to YouTube AND then directly streaming that feed into the AltSpace event.

Originally set to be a 6 session event, we extended to 8 due to high levels of demand (though sadly a pair of Norwegian educators had to drop out late in the day - so there were 7 sessions in the end.) The event kicked off with a new episode of Live from Dubai featuring special guests Amanda Fox from the VR Podcast and Rohit and Joel from VRoKCs. This was followed by presentations from Paola Paulino, Bobby Carlton, Kwaku Aning and Michael McDonald. There was also a special virtual mindfulness session with the wonderful Caitlin Krause and Madsen wrapped the whole thing up with an after party on a virtual rooftop terrace - complete with fireworks and an impromptu dance-off!

It was a HUGE undertaking to coordinate all of this and I want to say a massive thank you to everyone involved and everyone who came out to the event - we had some of the biggest crowds ever for #CPDinVR which was really rewarding. So thank you all. More coming soon!

Here is the recording of the full 4 hour livestream. Enjoy.

PS For fun during the event, I kept changing my avatar around from session to session. Here are just a few of my favourites.


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