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Video footage from #CPDinVR panel discussion

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

On August 15th, I hosted the most recent #CPDinVR sessions inside Engage. The first was an encore presentation of the original session from June and the second was a new panel discussion exploring AR and VR in education. On the panel were Martin Bukacek (Community Shaman at Lifeliqe), Mercedes Bent (CEO of Ben Toppin and former VP at Upload VR) and Alex Chaucer (host of the #VREDUchat on Twitter and pioneering VR educator.)

The team at Immersive VR Education added some amazing new features to Engage over the last few months in parallel to the #CPDinVR sessions. One of these updates is the ability to record sessions in full VR within Engage. These can then be played back and you can move freely around them. This is how I have produced the various promotional clips for the events that you may have seen here on the site or on social media - I record the session then re-enter Engage directly on my PC and play back the recording. I then screencast it out using my first-person perspective as the "camera."

Several people have asked about accessing recordings of the events and I am happy to say that we are now getting to a place where the multi-person sessions can be recorded and shared. Immersive have just put together a fantastic highlight reel from the panel discussion which you can view below:

I have now hosted six #CPDinVR events and more are already in the works for the coming months. Check the #CPDinVR section here on VirtualiTeach for more information and sign up for early access to registration for upcoming events. All #CPDinVR events are free to attend but we can only acoomodate a limited number of educators in the audience and places fill up fast!

I hope to see you at a future session!

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