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The #CPDinVR Panel - December 2017

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

After a month off due to a combination of illness, moving house and a bunch of other commitments, I hosted the final #CPDinVR event of 2017 last night. This session was a panel discussion about AR and VR in education and joining me were Steven Sato from the USA, Alex Johnson who is based in India and special guest Hervé Fontaine - European VP of HTC Vive. We also welcomed one of our biggest crowds yet with educators from the UK, USA, China, the UAE and many more in the audience.

As with the last couple of sessions, I attempted to record the session within Engage, this time quite successfully. This recording is not a video but a full recording of the VR session that can be played back and walked around. What I do is reload Engage directly from my PC and load the recording. My first-person perspective then acts as the camera whilst I screencast using OBS Studio. As I say, this time it seemed to work quite well (I have a much better internet line these days) and you can find the video below.

Please do bear in mind that this is still not perfect – there are moments where the audio skips (mostly near the start and possibly caused by people joining the session) – but it does give you a chance to hear the discussion and see what a #CPDinVR session looks like if you’re yet to experience one.

So some of the topics we covered were -

AR vs VR in Education: This is something I’m tackling through my five part series right now. Find Part One of this right here.

The headset debate: You can find my guide to the 12 things educators should look for in a mobile VR headset here.

Vive in Education: Obviously I have a whole section here on VirtualiTeach dedicated to this so plenty to explore!

Hervé mentioned the Vive Arts programme which you can find out more about here. Vive Arts is a global programme for leveraging VR for the preservation of cultural heritage around the world as well as democratizing creation with digital innovation in the arts. It supports the creation of experiences for both in the museums and at home. A number of experiences have already been announced such as the Tate London and The National Natural History Museum in Paris.

To get early access to future #CPDinVR events, simply subscribe to the site and you’ll be informed before the registration is opened to the public.

Finally, here is a small selection of images from the event last night:

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