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VR in Art Education Panel Discussion

I want to start off by apologising for the lack of recordings from my #CPDinVR events of late. We've had some stellar guests on delivering presentations, speaking on panels or joining me for my Live From Dubai chatshow and for various reasons I've not been able to share recordings for the last few events. Thankfully, we seem to have turned a corner and I am delighted to share with you the full recording from the March 1st panel discussion session on VR for Art Education.

I was joined for this by three wonderful guests - Jesse Damiani of VR Scout, Joel Kremer from The Kremer Collection and my JESS Dubai colleague Sidra Iqbal. Between the three of them they boasted a wealth of knowledge on VR Art whether it be Jesse coordinating the Spatial Reality event, Joel turning his family's legendary art collection into an award-winning VR experience or Sid working directly with students using Tilt Brush to create content as a part of their GCSE, IB and BTEC courses.

You can enjoy the entire recording below and beneath that I have also added the clips that you will see us viewing during the event and some special 360° content we viewed as a group after the recording stopped.

Here are the additional clips. First is the Mighty Masters Programme from Joel Kremer:

Next up is the footage from the amazing Spatial Reality event Jesse coordinated:

The third clip features some JESS Dubai students using Tilt Brush as a part of a TEDx event and I must admit I totally forgot to show it during the panel! Luckily I can share it with you now:

Finally I have a couple of 360° videos that we viewed together inside Engage after the main panel. Engage allows a whole group to enter a 360° viewing space together and load up content from YouTube. It's quite the amazing experience to view content like this as a collective and be able to discuss the content as you watch it.

The first 360, which you can see above, lets you step inside a Monet painting whilst the second comes from Google Arts and Culture and takes you inside Jonathan Yeo's studio as he takes you through the process of creating his VR self-portrait

Remember I host these events for free each month and subscribers to the site get added to the mailing list which grants you early access to register to attend the events. This has become even more crucial of late as they are filling up so quickly that I often don't get to open registration beyond the early-access list!

Connect with the panellists on Twitter:

Jesse Damiani -

Joel Kremer -

Sidra Iqbal -

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