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Tilt Brush in the hands of an Art student

When I first saw an advert for Google Tilt Brush in May 2016, I knew I would have to get an HTC Vive. It blew my mind and for the first time in a long time gave me the feeling of seeing something genuinely groundbreaking in action. Here is that promo clip-

When I got my Vive in January 2017, Tilt Brush was the first app I downloaded. The second I painted my first line of light, my breath held and I was in absolute awe. This really was a new level in VR - true creation INSIDE virtual reality.

Problem was - I've never been that great at art. Whilst I enjoyed the process of using the app immensely, I was never producing anything with any real artistic skill.

Yep - that's one of mine!

So I decided to find someone else who did and linked up with some Sixth Form Art students at JESS Dubai. They began to show me the real power of the platform.

In the run up to BETT Middle East in Abu Dhabi, I put the following video together chronicling the project of one of these students. Hannah decided to try and recreate one of her pieces inside VR...

I am delighted to say that Hannah actually submitted elements of her work in Tilt Brush as a part of her final project for her IB.

#VR #Vive #Art #create

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