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Digital Storytelling in VR using Mindshow

I am fortunate enough to be a part of the alpha testing group for a new VR app called Mindshow. Really fortunate - because Mindshow is one of the most exciting VR apps I've used so far on the Vive.

Mindshow allows users to create scenes from a growing range of detailed worlds, engaging characters and interactive props. You start by selecting a scene and the choices here include everything from an alien planet to the Wild West to more down-to-earth locations like a news room or a graveyard. Using a palette like interface on the left paddle, you can then select and drop in multiple characters and props wherever you want them in the scene.

Then the magic begins...

Using the right controller you select and "hop into" a character. You instantly become them, assuming their POV and having full control of the avatar. You can even use the controllers to adjust facial expressions. Hit record and you can perform in character. When you finish, you can hop into another character and record their part too - actually building interaction between the cast.

When you've finished acting like a Twinkie (see below) you can choose a camera tool and play back your creation whilst you actually film it - choosing exactly how your story is framed and presented.

Here's a short look at this process which I put together -

I think the potential here for education is just huge. In the same way mobile apps like Puppet Pals, Tellagami and Plotagon offered students a new medium for storytelling over the last five years, Mindshow can redefine what digital storytelling looks like in the classroom. Students can block scenes, Pick angles, perform scenes and so much more.

As a final treat, here are two videos from the very first night I used Mindshow...

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