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10 Key Benefits of VR in Education

Last month was an incredibly busy one for me, building towards my biggest role ever at the GESS Dubai conference where I coordinated and then hosted a VR Experience stage for 3 days straight. As I was so focused on prep for this huge event I didn't manage to turn around my monthly column for VR Focus in February. To make up for this I decided to offer them an article which I had intended on publishing here on my own site.

The article ties in with the one presentation I delivered at GESS won the main stage - a reworked and expanded version of my 2017 presentation/article "Why VR - 8 Reasons VR Will Transform Education." This new version, complete with shiny new graphic, spotlights 10 key benefits of VR in Education.

Head on over to VR Focus to view the graphic and read my accompanying article which adds a little detail to each of the 10 concepts. You can read the article here or by clicking on the logo below.

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