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The Periodic Table of AR/VR iOS Apps Vol.2

A year ago I co-authored The Periodic Table of AR and VR iOS Apps with my good friend and serial innovator Mark “ICT Evangelist” Anderson. Part of Mark’s expanding line-up of educational Periodic Tables resources, it was launched at BETT London 2018 by Mark. I then delivered my own presentation on the project inside Engage as a part of the #CPDinVR events.

This free resource was incredibly well-received and was shared thousands of times across social media. You can find my original article about the first AR/VR Periodic Table here and Mark’s original article here.

We soon began discussing the potential for a follow-up since we didn’t have room to include every app we wanted to (plus new ones had even launched at BETT within days of us publishing!) So for the next few months we kept a shared spreadsheet going and would periodically add app ideas to different categories. A couple of months out from BETT 2019, we started to curate more seriously and look towards the key total of 82 (i.e. the number required to sustain the traditional Periodic Table layout.)

What I found interesting this time around was how much harder it was to find (good) mobile VR apps. It seemed clear that there had been a clear shift towards AR when it came to mobile. I think there are two key reasons for this:

  1. Apple have fully-thrown in with AR and iOS developers have access to ARkit technology to build content. This is somewhat true when it comes to Android too though Google seem content to shift their VR focus towards the higher-end headsets.

  2. 2018 saw the rise of standalone VR with the Oculus Go, Lenovo Mirage Solo and HTC Vive Focus. These accessible devices (especially the Go) offered VR developers a new platform to build on and offered VR users more immersive experiences to dive into. I guess ultimately people don’t want to have to put their phones in a headset.

Nonetheless, we continued our quest and some deep dives into the App Store heralded some true gems buried away – like Art Plunge for diving inside works of art or Tara’s Locket – a delightful Irish folktale.

With BETT 2019 approaching, I was delighted to find out that I’d be there in person this year and so Mark and I arranged to launch our little sequel together during a presentation slot on the Net Support stand. Huge thanks to the Net Support team for hosting us! The crowd was good and I was delighted to find several #CPDinVR regulars had arranged to be there for the launch.

So here it is then folks: 82 more AR and VR apps for the classroom. Feel free to download/share/print as you wish.

I’d like to highlight the fact that this resource was produced independently and none of the developers whose content is featured paid to be included. It also goes without saying that I need to thank Mark for the opportunity to collaborate with him once again. It’s always an absolute pleasure and I look forward to lots of future projects together.

You can read Mark’s own article about this new Periodic Table here which includes links to his other tables too.

Finally here’s a photo from last night’s #CPDinVR Live from Dubai show where I shared some insight on the project:

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