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1000 Educational 360° Videos on YouTube

As a fresh challenge for 2019, I’ve decided to renovate my YouTube channel and start producing original content on there rather than just use it as a receptacle for videos I embed here on the website. As such it will become another source of AR/VR in Education content from me and I plan to put out app demos and guides as well as unboxings and a lot more as the year rolls on.

I started by organising the content I already had on there into playlists and adding proper header graphics etc. I then found myself in a little bit of a bind as the laptop I use for video editing is away for diagnosis/repairs and I could also do with purchasing a better mic. I really wanted to start building the channel but I was stuck.

Then I had an idea. What if I was to build a catalogue of all the great 360° content I’ve found on YouTube that is suitable for the classroom? Better yet what if I curated that content into subject specific playlists for easy navigation? I’ve come across several VR/360° playlists aimed at education in the past but they are usually a little hit and miss with a random assortment of videos. I published my own guide to locating the best 360s on YouTube last year (still one of the most popular pieces of content I’ve produced here on VirtualiTeach) but that focused on locating content from companies like NASA, the BBC and Discovery amongst others. This highlights an additional problem for educators looking for 360° content on YouTube – many of these larger companies are producing the most professional and classroom-friendly content but they are also producing stacks of other content, making finding the 360° gems quite tricky.

So I set about creating the playlists and curating the videos. I searched for subjects, topics, themes, keywords and more, evaluating content carefully along the way. I tried to avoid unprofessional clips (ie a guy with a 360 camera visits a place) and looked for trustworthy sources for the content. Ultimately I trawled through literally thousands of videos to build what I believe is the biggest collection of educational 360° content ever assembled. In all there are now 18 channels and more than 500 videos. Yes – FIVE HUNDRED!

UPDATE - After a great response to this project, I continue to hunt for more videos to collate. The total is now more than 1000 and I also added a few additional subject playlists.

You can access the channel by clicking here or on the YouTube logo below. Please do subscribe to the channel as I’ll be adding more videos as I find them as well as heaps of new content in the coming weeks.

PS If know of any other 360° videos on YouTube that you think deserve inclusion on any of the playlists, do let me know!

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