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The Greenpeace Virtual Explorer Kit

Just before I went away in the summer, I stumbled across a link to the Greenpeace Virtual Explorer kits. Currently only available in the UK, these cardboard VR kits are essentially free as long as you make a small donation to Greenpeace. Since I was going to be in the UK over the summer, I decided to order one and check it out.

Here’s a clip of my daughter and I unboxing the kit:

The headset (which is made from recycled materials by the way) will obviously work with any app but is designed to pair with the accompanying app which is available in the UK for iOS and Android. The app is actually free so it can be used with any mobile VR headset and it also offers a non-stereoscopic mode, making it accessible on any mobile device including tablets.

The app features some truly stunning 360° films, spotlighting some of the world’s most endangered locations including the rainforest and the Arctic. There is also a range of non-VR content to support each experience and even links to campaigns that Greenpeace are running.

There’s some brilliant learning opportunities here and the quality of the experiences really is first rate. Students studying habitats, conservation and many other geography themes would definitely find the content both engaging and enlightening. Use of the kits could also be linked to a school charity event or as a stimulus for a piece of writing (like a persuasive letter encouraging the protection of such delicate environments.)

I was so impressed with the whole project that I got in touch with Greenpeace directly whilst still in the UK and enquired to see if I could get another six sets to bring back to Dubai and use with some of our primary students. I was delighted that they were happy to facilitate this and so I made a comparable donation for the half dozen kits and they were with me in a couple of days. Term has just begun here and the kits are currently in my office but I have already made initial plans to use them at JESS Dubai. I will update this post later in the year with footage of the project after it takes place.

For more information about the Greenpeace Virtual Explorer app click here.

If you’re in the UK, you can make a donation and receive your own Greenpeace Virtual Explorer by clicking here.

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