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VR - from "Consume" to "Experience"

I'm connected with some truly inspirational people in the field of VR and AR across social media, both within educational circles and the broader XR community. One such person who is a regular source of great content is Helen Situ who is the creator and editor of the Virtual Reality Pop Newsletter.

Boasting a lineup of writers including Charlie Fink and Robert Scoble, Virtual Reality Pop is an amazing source of expert insight into the world of immersive technology. So when Helen accepted my offer to contribute to the project, I was both humbled and excited.

The piece I put together is a brand new article entitled "From Consume to Experience" and it delves into the way that experiential learning skews the traditional consume/create dichotomy.

The article was published last week and can be read in full here. If you enjoy it, please do use the applause feature on Medium to show me some love and definitely share the article with your peers and colleagues!


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