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Building multi-user AR/VR experiences with Eon Creator AVR

There are lots of platforms available that offer AR and VR experiences for the classroom. There are far fewer though that allow educators to actually design the learning experience by framing the content effectively. Nearpod lets you build presentations around 360s, Expeditions scaffolds their experiences with information and focal points whilst other apps will enrich their virtual content with facts and figures.

Eon Creator AVR offers something quite different - the ability to build an entire lesson around a detailed, interactive 3D model which can be accessed in both AR and VR. The app is free and available on iOS and Android devices. It boasts a large library of 3D models covering a range of subject areas including Science, History and Maths which can be used to develop interactive, gamified lesson activities. These can then be collated into courses that sequence a set of activities.

You can access an impressive bank of these lessons right from the main menu which is fantastic for educators looking for some quality AR and VR resources to harness in their classrooms. Each model can be viewed in touch screen, AR or VR mode with options to explode the model into component parts, use an x-ray view to see inside it and bring up text labels for its parts. You can even select a pincer icon, highlight a specific part and dissect that piece from the composite model for a closer look. It really is impressive and the range of options make for diverse learning opportunities.

Even more impressive is the fact that you can connect with other users for a shared experience. The host shares a URL via email (which could also easily be turned into a QR code) and other users (students) follow this link to join the session. What's really interesting about this is though each user can independently control and manipulate the 3D model, the host can take control and direct the activity for everyone. The experience can also still take place in AR or VR and the structure of the lesson can be followed if desired.

I've put a short video together which demonstrates this in action:

This means a class or group can engage with the same experience in real time. Similar to Expeditions but with 3D content rather than panoramas.

Eon Creator AVR is also a creation platform and it offers educators the ability to build their own personalised activities. You choose a model from the app's library and then build a sequence of activities to accompany it. The choices here include:

Audio: Audio clips can be recorded to introduce a topic, explain topics in more detail or give instructions. If you select a specific part of the model when adding audio then during the lesson the view will zoom in on this part to match the audio!

Quizzes: Quiz activities can also be tagged o a specific part of the model and the multiple choice questions generate automatically which is a great time saver. You do still have the ability to customise both the question and the answer choices though as well as the time limit.

Locate: As the name suggests, this activity involves the student locating a specific part of the model.

Identify: Basically the reverse of Locate - this time a part of the model is shown and the student has to type in its name. Both of these activities can also be customised as with the quizzes.

Build: This one is great fun! The model (or a part of it) is exploded and within a time limit, the user has to rebuild it.

The lesson construction workflow is very user friendly and you can build a session with relative ease in very little time.

This detailed video from Eon explains the process clearly:

It doesn't stop there though. Eon have a raft of other AR and VR education projects either available already or in development. It's well worth following them on Twitter to keep up to date. You can also learn more about their entire AVR range here.

To finish, I'd like to share one more clip from Eon entitled "A Vision of the Future." This is a future that's perhaps closer than we think. Enjoy:

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