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Bringing designs to life with Quiver Fashion

My six year old daughter has recently decided she's going to be a fashion designer when she grows up. She means business too - from drawing sketches of dresses to using her junior sewing machine to sew pieces of material together to make herself a skirt (which she then wanted to go to the shops in!) I originally showed her the Quiver Fashion app last year and she enjoyed testing it out but with her budding interest in fashion, it seemed like a great time to remind her of the app and show her how it could help bring her designs to life.

Quiver has been my favourite AR colouring platform for a long time and I've been using their core app in the classroom since back when they were called ColorAR. They launched the free Fashion app last year and it's a fantastic example of AR having a practical application - in this case, allowing a young designer to see their creations come to life in 3D.

You start by downloading the free app and accompanying colouring sheets (get them here) and then create your design using any combination of pens, pencils, crayons etc.

Upon completion, the sheet is scanned in the app to make the model stand up wearing the child's design. You just need to make sure the image highlights in blue then green in order for it to scan properly. If it highlights in red, move further away and make sure the whole image is in frame. Take a look:

She loved seeing her design visualised in 3D on the model and soon began colouring the next sheet! You can actually take things a stage further by saving the design and bringing the model into a virtual catwalk where you can control the camera position and angle as if part of the press. This can also be brought into AR by downloading the additional Fashion Show trigger image -

Whilst this app is clearly aimed at youngsters, the truth is that this type of application of augmented reality will likely become common place, both in the fashion industry and other forms of design. Take a look at this recent clip of fashion design on the HoloLens shared by Holographic TIKKER/VAai:

Quiver Fashion may be a much simpler application but it's a definite winner with younger kids eager to try their hands at design.

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