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Edorble VR offers social learning experiences

I came across Edorble last May and tested a beta desktop build. Edorble offers virtual worlds where educators and students can gather for lessons, discussions or meetings. It has a lot of cool features including voice chat that is activated when you get close to another user and the ability to import URLs for playback on built in screens. The auditorium space offers a particularly huge screen -

Here's a short overview of the platform which shows it in action:

It was pretty impressive and I kept in touch with the team. Earlier this year I was welcomed to the beta testing for the VR version which works on Vive and Oculus. It;s a natural fit for VR and Edorble and taking things a stage further by offering educators the opportunity to learn how to build their own worlds!

The Edorble Creator Tools is a plugin built on top of Unity 3D and they allow students to publish their 3D creations, created from almost any creation tool, for others to access and explore. This also means that teachers can use the tools to create bespoke, personalised learning spaces and experiences for their students!

To find out more about the Edorble Creator Tools and the online courses offered by Edorble, click here.

One company already working with Edorble to create worlds for students and educators is the excellent HistoryView VR team. I recently had the opportunity to look around a beta build of one of their worlds - captured from the real location using a Matterport camera and imported into Edorble.

Here's a sneak peek:

To find out more about HistoryView VR click here.

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