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Build Your Own Virtual Reality Maze

About six months ago I managed to get hold of something really unique - Maze by Seedling. It's unlike anything else I've seen before or since in the way that it integrates VR with physical building and design (hello STEM fans!)

The kit comprises of a wooden frame for a traditional marble maze. These are built by sticking small wooden "walls" to the cardboard floor. Holes can then be poked in the floor to make the maze more difficult.

Have you ever built a maze? It's surprisingly challenging to find a balance between fun/challenge. Playtesting and iteration become crucial components for sure - making it a great learning experience for students as they design and then rework their mazes.

My 4 year old had a field day creating one (with my help) -

The maze building is just the start of the fun though...

Next you download the free accompanying app and scan the board (similar to how you would with Bloxels Builder.) Your maze layout is digitised and you can now enter your own maze in 1st person VR! This can either be through a headset (a cardboard headset is included in the Maze set) or in full screen view on an iOS device.

Take a look in this promo clip:

Suffice to say that the experience of wandering your own maze is pretty impressive! It gets even better though as within the app you then have the ability to customise your maze by adding new elements like photos and audio; you can even add checkpoints with questions that players must answer!

There are multiple themes that you can apply to your maze too including a great Alice In Wonderland style one and something that would definitely suit a Greek Myths/Minotaur project.

Creations can also be shared to others over bluetooth meaning that a class can challenge and road test each other's projects with ease.

Really worth seeking this out.

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