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The Titanic VR Experience

When I wandered into the Year 5 area of one of the primary schools I work in, shortly after Spring Break, I was stunned to spot an amazing Titanic display on the wall. It turned out that they had adopted a new topic... and I had just the thing to enrich it: Titanic VR.

I coordinated a series of sessions with the teachers where all 66 students came to me (in small groups) to experience this amazing VR app on the HTC Vive. Students stood on a fishing boat as the Titanic passed them by, all the while listening to the absorbing narration of one of the survivors of the ship's demise. They then got to see the wreckage underwater as a part of a diving team.

Take a look at some highlights from the sessions:

Created by Immersive VR Education (makers of Engage), Titanic VR is still in demo/beta form right now but the full version which is due before the end of the year looks absolutely amazing. I can't wait to explore this with the new Year 5 students next year!

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