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The VirtualiTee - AR you can wear

In the lead up to our VR presentation at BETT Middle East in April, my colleague and co-presenter Ronan MacNicholl managed to get his hands on a couple of the VirtualiTee shirts from Curiscope. I have to admit -when I first heard about this product (during their Kickstarter campaign) I was skeptical. It seemed gimmicky to me and I wasn't sure how well it would work or if it would be worth the investment.

Turns out - yes, it works incredibly well and is definitely worth the investment.

The shirts (which come in a number of colours) basically contain a giant AR trigger image that looks like the ribcage. Scanning the shirt using the free VirtualiTee app produces the startling effect you've seen above. It's like having x-ray vision!

At this point I was suitably impressed but what elevates the product is the depth and detail Curiscope have put into it. Various tags provide more information and in some cases open up further VR adventures as you travel inside the organs -

The app will even work inside a VR headset for the true x-ray vision experience.

A great addition to any classroom from EYFS to Secondary.

Visit the Curiscope website to find out more and get one of your own.


Cursiscope have another little VR treat for you too - a free 360 Great White Shark experience in 4K - well worth a look:

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