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Using Chatterpix Kids with Aurasma

When Luke Rees (@LukeReesEdu) first showed me Aurasma back in 2011, I called it a game changer. As someone with a background in film, I often recorded video clips but there was no easy way to share them like you could with images. Aurasma provided a way to essentially put videos on a display board. It did more than that though as you could create some startlingly magical effects with a little creativity and attention to detail. I remember working in Year 4 at Jumeirah the year we piloted it; we had a photo of each class and their teacher in the corridor which came to life when scanned with Aurasma. Since then I’ve helped people use the Aurasma Studio online platform to tag AR content to whole display boards such that they look like giant TV screens on the wall.

One of the most fun projects I’ve worked on this year using Aurasma was this one in FS2 at JESS Primary. It combined Aurasma with another app called ChatterPix Kids – a great, free app that allows students to draw a mouth onto a photo and record a voice for it.

The students were learning about life in the UAE so I gathered a set of relevant images (The Burj, a camel, the flag etc.) and taught the young students how to use the app. We then chose a selection to be “put” onto the display board you see above.

As they had used several older iPads, I could not airdrop the files so I emailed the clips to myself and used Aurasma Studio on the PC to tag the videos to the original images. The Studio is easy to use and more versatile than the app when it comes to aligning the videos over the top of the image. The effect is pure Harry Potter when you scan the display as the mouths appear and the pictures begin to speak!

I used this trick of combining Chatterpix with Aurasma a few times ovre the last few years and the effects can be quite stunning. Last year I put a project together for iPad Educators looking at trading card apps that took things a stage further -

1. Design a trading card in RWT Trading Cards

2. Use the same image used on the trading card in Chatterpix to create the talking video clip.

3. Match the Chatterpix clip up to the actual card using Aurasma.

The result? Take a look -

To read the full article about this project , click the image below.

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