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iTunes U course - a Virtual World Tour

In November 2014 I got my first VR headset from a company in the USA. It was a foam build variation on the Google Cardboard and I was immediately in awe of the possibilities it offered. It was a great little headset (even though I had to wedge in my iPhone 4 with some blutack) and I still have it in my office today.

A couple of months after this I integrated it into the classroom for the first time. Working with some Year 2 classes on a World Explorers project, I harnessed Thinglink as the base for the project and the students created interactive world maps by tagging images, facts and more to their Thinglink images.

The culmination of the project saw the use of the 360 Cities app to allow students to look around (and take photos in the form of screenshots) to their maps. Whilst the students used iPads for this, it allowed me the opportunity to showcase the VR headset for the first time. Students passed the headset around and got their first taste of VR!

In 2015 I became an Apple Distinguished Educator and as a result was invited to publish content through Apple as a part of their Lessons for the Classroom project.

The whole Thinglink project is available for free via iTunes U:

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