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8 key reasons VR will transform education

It's been a hectic couple of weeks for me. I've just completed a run of four conferences in ten days, with multiple opportunities to share my work with VR. The first of these events was GITEX Technology Week here in Duba. Now in its 37th year, GITEX is the single biggest conference in the region and takes over the entire Convention Centre at the World Trade Centre. It's a technology event but parallel conferences are integrated focusing on specific industries.

This year I was invited to speak about VR on the education day and I decided to use this massive forum to debut a new slice of VR theory I'd been working on - my 8 key reasons for VR in education. This was accompanied by the graphic you see below - which you are most welcome to use and share.

In fact this piece was published the week before GITEX in Education Journal Middle East Magazine. This is the first of a series of VR themed articles I'm authoring for them. Whilst many of you will not have access to the magazine itself, the entire article (sans pictures) has now been published on their website. As such, rather than copy and paste it all here, I'm going to direct you to their site if you'd like to read it in full.

Click on the EJME logo below to read the article.

As well as presenting this content at GITEX, I took the opportunity to deliver an encore presentation inside virtual reality as a part of my #CPDinVR series. The evening after GITEX, I delivered the same presentation again inside Engage to an audience of 30 educators from across the globe. Below you can view a gallery with some of the images from that event.

Fr even more media from the session, look for the #CPDinVR hashtag on Twitter.

If you'd lilke to be a part of the next free #CPDinVR session, subscribe to the site for advanced notification.

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